Any good network needs a solid base and Sunset Telecom Inc. knows a solid base requires reliable equipment and a quality IT person. At Sunset Telecom we offer scalable mid to high range equipment for small and medium sized businesses.

With our partners at Digital Speedway Technology (who provides exceptional IT support), Sunset Telecom offers project design and implementation for a variety of solutions including: Wi-Fi systems, IDF build outs, virtual private networks (VPNs), small business setup with spectrum, and small office network setup.

Our IT Partner is Digital Speedway Technology
Our products include: Routers, Access Points, Switches, and SIP phones.

How to change your SSID (Wi-Fi ID) and password

Some configurations will require a bit more research but here are the basics. Your routers default IP address, username and password are usually located on the bottom of the router. Log into the router by entering its IP address in the URL bar of a web browser. Then enter the username and password. Under Wi-Fi settings change the SSID and password. Now your neighbor (who borrowed your Wi-Fi password) can't hog your Wi-Fi speed.

Contact us if you want to upgrade the old computer network at your small or medium sized business. We proudly serve clients throughout Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding areas.